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The project organization will particularly address five key technical objectives:

  • Field testing of fuel cell systems integrating reference metallic bipolar plates and improved bipolar plates;
  • Post-mortem analysis of bipolar plates and assessment of the contamination of catalysts;
  • Definition of test procedures for improved bipolar plates;
  • Development of corrosion resistant and conductive new coatings;
  • Realization of sample bipolar plates.


Another important objective will be the techno-economical approach of the evaluation of the production process.
The general work-flow describing the COBRA project organisation is given on Figure 13.


One of Cobra project mission is devoted to understanding the degradation mechanisms due to corrosion in order to be able to develop and optimise efficient protective coatings.


The Cobra project will offer new and innovative FC coatings validate in real operating conditions the performance and durability improvement while using advanced bipolar plates developed within COBRA project.